Friday, October 22, 2010


saje je nk singgah...

i'll updated later about our new family member.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Family Member

tomorrow...another new family member...

siapa kah dia??

nnt kan my next entry.


Monday, October 18, 2010

say chessssss....

berangan je dulu...



DSC-TX9/R-Digital Still Camera-T Series
new model from sony...terbaikkk dari semua segi trmasuk lah price nye...x percaya see the details below!!!

12.2 Mega Pixel T Series 4x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot (Red)

Experience 3D imaging, Full HD video and smart shooting features in a beautifully slim camera. You'll also be impressed by the outstanding low–light performance of an "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, Superior Auto and Background Defocus.

3D Sweep Panorama
Sweep Panorama mode shoots a high-speed burst of frames as you sweep the camera from side to side (or up and down!). Images are stitched together automatically by the camera to create one amazing panoramic image.

Seep Multi Angle

"Exmor R" CMOSS Sensor
The CMOS Sensor allows faster reading of greater amount of pixel information as it employs multi channel output and addition readout as compared to CCD. In addition, the structural characteristics of the CMOS Sensor provide smear-free images and allow charges to be converted into electric signals with less power consumption.

By combining the CMOS Sensor with the Enhanced Imaging Processor (Sony's original signal processing circuit), it will have a wider dynamic range, high sensitivity, low noise, high-speed reading, and low power consumption. The CMOS Sensor minimizes blowouts or black-crush and offers images with rich gradation.

AVCHD Full HD movie recording

The AVCHD format is a High Definition (HD) digital camcorder format for recording 1080i and 720p signals by using highly efficient codec technologies. It employs MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 codec for video compression, and Dolby Digital or Linear PCM for audio codec.
MPEG-4 / H.264 codec is a promising technology which is capable of compressing images at a higher efficiency than that of conventional image compressing formats. By adopting this technology, an AVCHD camcorder can record high quality HD video images.

Superio Auto Mode

25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
This high quality lens offers superior colour reproduction and minimal distortion

And the PRICE RM 1,499.00

waaa...mahal nye!!!!
mcm mn nk beli nie...ade sape2 yg baik hati nk sponser separuh harga x? (harapan lah klu nk tggu ade yg nk sponser)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner kat Luar

ok...nie pict yg i, ayah, ibu, and my lil sis dinner kat luar.
enjoy lah tgk pict yg x seberapa nie..

~the end...tamat sudah~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tailor OR Chef??

OR ?

nk kena tukar profession ke? mn nk cite ek?
ok lah...mcm nie cite nye....
smlm g kuar mkn ngan family..ayah, ibu, cik ana(me), and my sis..
mula2 ayah tny "nk mkn kat mn", then i jwb "mn2 pun x kisah"...pastu ayah pn ckp "ayah pn x kisah mkn mn2." pulak dah..ajak mkn kat luar tp xtau nk mkn kat mn kan. so sbg anak yg baik kan..ehem2...i pn suggest ar kdai mkn yg dekat2 kat area umah je...bnyk gak lah tmpt yg di suggest tp hampeh...reject...cett....penat je bg idea. tue yg malas klu nk bg idea kena reject.
last2 g tmpt yg my dad nk g sbnr nye dr awal...mmmm....ikut je lah labu...

sbnr nye ade pict tp x smpt nk transfer dlm PC...nnt cik ana upload dlm next entry ok.

smpi situ terus order mkn...pastu mknn2 pn smpi...mkn2 bg habis...g bayar then terus gerak blk. masa otw nk blk (time nie lah cite nye mula) tiba2 ayah ckp:

dad: ana...ape kate kau bkk kdai jahit?
me: ...(terdiam)...(apahal lah pulak nie...kdai jahit?)
dad: kau g lah amik kursus jahit kat mn2...bljr pastu amik tempahan...mula2 tue amik lah tuk family ke...
me: ...(terdiam lg)...
dad: nnt klu dh mahir sewa kdai then amik tempahan
me: (speechless)...

terkejut ok bile ayah ckp mcm tue. what...tukang jahit?? i bkn nye ape klu bab jahit2 nie x minat sgt..serius...klu setakat nk jahit baju sndri yg koyak tue blh ar...lgpn nk jd tukang jahit nie kena ade seni and kreatif. i nie x kreatif sgt and xde seni dllm jahit menjahit nie.

klu ikutkn i nie lbh terjerumus kpd bidang masak bkn smpi kena masak lauk kenduri...i x sehebat mcm tue. masak lauk tuk family mkn je sudah.
xpn lebih tepat lagi i nie suke baking cake and others...

...mcm nie...

so mcm mn nie...aduh pening che...

Mcm mn nie...???

aduhhh...ade bakat ke cik ana nie?

nk tny korg nie...saya nie ade bakat jd tukang jahit ke?


Friday, October 1, 2010


bertarikh 30-9-2010 lbh kurang pukul 9.45pm (agak nye kot) along dpt call dr angah...

(dialog dia lebih kurang mcm nie kot...huhu...)
along: hello...mcm mn..dh ke?
angah: hello...selamat sudah...haha
along: boy ke girl?
angah: boy...
along: alhamdulillah...yan mcm mn?
angah: alhamdulillah...ok...putih gile baby..diam pulak tue...hahaha...
along: cet...putih ke sepet...hahaha...
angah: putih td nk kuar kena vacum...
along: iye ke?...

lps tue xtau depa brdua ckp ape...x dgr pulak...

alhamdulillah...akhirnya kuar juga kamu wahai baby...huhu
nmpk nye irsyad dpt geng lah...geng boy...haha...

congratz to my brother and his wife...